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For great wine you need great grapes

But this wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the dedication of migrant vineyard workers

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Migrant labour is now recognised as the backbone of the industry among the large-scale growers. They are renowned for their dependability and hardworking ethics in terms of productivity, skill, speed and work rate and, due to the slow uptake of domestic workers within the viticulture sector, vineyards are still short of skilled labour

Vitis Care UK has a strong network in Europe and we are able to assist with:

  • Planting
  • Trelissing and materials
  • Labour
  • Vineyard labour and consultancy

Why Choose Us?

We are a leading company within the vineyard industry because we don't just settle for what everyone else is doing. We seek innovation and improvement in everything we do, and we aren't afraid to work hard for our clients.


We are passionate about our work and operate with the highest standards


We can supply all services (and/or workers) to the viticulture industry.

Better Together

We listen and learn from each other because we know the only way to succeed is together

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We are passionate about our work and operate with the highest standards. We can supply all services (and/or workers) to the viticulture industry and ensure that everything is carried out efficiently and within agreed timescales

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Growing grapes in the UK is filled with challenges and it is vital we are prepared to adapt and implement the viticultural practices required at the right time as no two years are ever the same. Being able to efficiently deliver a balance between quality and yield, consistently across multiple vintages is essential to any grape growing business.

We carry out all aspects of seasonal vineyard work. Our experienced crews follow sustainable and quality-focused practices at every stage of the growing cycle from planting, training to irrigation, pruning to pest control.


Using our extensive field-based experience & industry know-how, we’ll help you design and plant the perfect vineyard for your land.

Trelissing and materials

We use the latest technology to install durable, cost-effective trellising that is built to last.


Our teams provide specialised vineyard management services to vineyards across the UK.

Vineyard Labour & Consultancy

Our experts are here to support you and to help you get the best out of your vineyard.

Meet the Team

Virgil Moise - My interest in horticulture began in Romania where I planted, grew and harvested apple trees but my career in viticulture began in 2009 working on vineyards in France and Portugal. It was during this time that I developed a passion for viticulture. After accepting the vineyard manager role at Blackdown Ridge I recognised that there was a shortage of experienced vineyard workers in the UK and from this Vitis Care UK was born.

Chris Hackett - My background is in company law and legal drafting documentation. I am fortunate enough to be able to live in New Zealand 9 months a year and I deal with all new contracts, administration and payroll services for Vitis Care and also work closely with the other directors to expand operations in the UK.

Adina Moise - My love of viticulture and the desire to make Vitis Care one of the major suppliers of skilled labour to vineyards in the south of England can only be matched by my love of the cultivation of flowers! My other role is worker support and I am always available, even at weekends – provided that you are happy to meet me in the flower garden!

Virgil Moise

Managing / Operations Director

Chris Hackett

Contracts / Accounts Director

Adina Moise



Join Our Team

In return we offer above average pay rates, training and development. Sure, the work is hard but this is why we look after our workers and treat them all as family members both at work or socially. And when the work is done we are always looking for an opportunity to have an impromptu BBQ!

If you would like to join us complete the contact form in the first instance giving us a brief description of yourself and we will arrange a meeting to discuss all aspects of the work. If after that you like the look of us, are able to carry out the work then we would be happy to have you join the family.


We can supply Workers to your vineyard so why not give us a call on 07310 910881 and discuss your requirements. Alternatively please complete the Contact Form and provided us with as much information so that we can work out how we can help you.

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